Amazon’s ‘The Boys’ mocks Donald Trump’s NFT collection with hilarious announcement

When Donald Trump’s new NFT collection news story broke, pretty much everybody thought it was a joke. There are specialized parody sites that often do these types of jokes but everybody slowly realized it was real. One of those art works is an image of Donald Trump wearing an American flag as a cape and showing an impressive red superhero suit with a buffed-up physique. For some,the reference was quickly recognized, others took a while to get the joke. Trump‘s people were clearly referencing Amazon Prime’s ‘The Boys’ and their Homelander character. Right?

Homelander actor Anthony Starr quickly pointed out the evident parody this particular NFT and even the show’s creator wanted to chip in. But ‘The Boys’ marketing team had another thing prepared to respond to this blatant copyright infringement. All jokes aside, what the show’s Vought International Twitter account did was perfect to describe how surreal Donald Trump’s environment can be sometimes. They posted the following tweet with an image: “Huge announcement: Official Homelander digital collectible cards have arrived! Celebrate our greatest hero’s life and crimefighting career by owning an authentic and non-fungible JPEG of him. Buy now for 777 VoughtCoin while you still can!”

Donald Trump’s NFT’s go up in value

Although it’s true many of the people who bought these Donald Trump NFTs are actually fans of the former president. It is also true many of them bought these just as a joke, they wanted to have a Donald Trump NFT in their collection becuase this doesn’t happen very often. As a result of this, the NFT’s actually sold out and more than doubled in price. Initially, these Donald Trump NFTs launched at $99 per piece. Only a day after, they are selling for $230 each. Impressive jump but still a very low price for an NFT that is trying to seem impressive.

Plus, there are many Twitter accounts and trolls online that are recreating these NFTs in many different shapes and sizes just to anger the former president. They reimagined them with a morbidly obese Donald Trump and nobody would be surprised if those sold for an even bigger price. Certainly, ‘The Boys’ Amazon Prime show does appreciate all the free publicity it gets from the former president.