Big Eyes Coin Revives The Crypto Market As Its Presale Interest Rises, Dogecoin Value Rises By 19.4%, And Dash Is Listed On The Leading Trading Platform BingX

In recent years, we have seen tremendous growth in the cryptocurrency business. Every week a new cryptocurrency is launched but on the other hand, the existence of a large number of different crypto Tokens can make investors confused about which cryptocurrency to buy. As per the latest crypto news and analysts, individuals must focus on the value and long-term potential of each cryptocurrency, even during inflation. In this article, we explain some of the top-most promising cryptocurrencies that are trending currently such as Big Eyes Coin (BIG), Dogecoin (DOGE), and Dash (DASH).

Big Eyes Raise Over $11M During Its presale Event – And Still Going!

Big Eyes is a newly launched cryptocurrency token that aims to dominate the meme tokens market after a successful presale event. The cryptocurrency includes many features such as a decentralized platform, smart contracts, ease of buying tokens, enhanced security measures, focus on the environment, and attractive offers that are sure to interest potential buyers. Thanks to Solidity’s verification of smart contracts, crypto-asset holders are protected against the possibility of third-party threats. For users who are focused on the authenticity of transactions performed on the network, the security of the platform has been vouched by CoinSniper.


Big Eyes coin has recently launched its phase 7 presale and has currently raised $11.16 million out of a total of $13.2 million. Moreover, analysts also predict a significant increase in the coin’s value in the future. Users can buy BIG Tokens by possessing digital wallets such as Wallet Connect or MetaMask. BNB, ETH, or USDT can be used to buy BIG coins, and after the sale is over, they will be transferred to the wallet. Use code SUSHI771 when purchasing from the presale to gain extra bonuses and content!

Moreover, the creators have promised to provide 80% of the $200 billion in tokens currently in circulation for the presale event, with 5% of those tokens going to various charitable organizations. Marine life conservation organizations will receive financial support from the platform’s initial Tokens BIG. Significant donations of various amounts will be made to these charities after the presale event. The platform prioritizes the needs of the community and it will be run in a decentralized manner. Crypto enthusiasts reacted favorably to the BIG Eyes token, as analysts had predicted, and the platform has had one of the best presale events in the market.

Also, the developers of Big Eyes will eventually add NFTs to their platform exclusively via the ‘NFT Sushi Crew’ club for NFT enthusiasts. They will invest the remaining 5% of funds in advertising wallets and remain active on social media. The creators are also considering launching an exchange and trading platform that will allow users to exchange altcoins for Big Eyes.

Dogecoin Value Rises To 19.4% After Elon Musk Unveils Plan For Twitter 2.0

Jackson Palmer and Billy Marcus developed the open-source digital currency in December 2013. Following Elon Musk’s declaration that it was his preferred cryptocurrency coin, the coin’s popularity skyrocketed. The blockchain integrates both Scrypt technology and a Proof-of-Work consensus protocol for mining coins and other operations. The native token DOGE was primarily employed as a means of compensation for publishing or disseminating excellent content on Twitter and Reddit. As per reports, the value of Dogecoin registered an increase after Elon Musk unveiled his plans for Twitter 2.0.

Dash Listed On Leading Social Crypto Trading Exchange BingX

Kyle Hagan and Evan Duffield, two software developers, founded Dash. Dash is a decentralized, quick, and affordable global payments network. The project depends on a network of masternodes, with servers backed by collateral held in Dash and built to deliver advanced services securely and governance over Dash’s proposal system. Masternodes provide the network with a second layer of services in exchange for a portion of the block rewards. The platform’s native tokens are DASH. It has an $11 million circulating supply and a maximum supply of $18.9 million. As per reports, due to popular demand, BingX, a leading social crypto trading exchange has listed Dash paired with USDT on its official site.

The cryptocurrencies listed above are making their presence felt in the crypto market. However, the Big Eyes Coin is emerging as a hot favorite choice among cryptocurrency users due to its popularity, stability, and passive income returns generating potential.

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