Bitgert Exchange To List Babydoge And Will Also Add +30 Assets In The Next Few Weeks

Bitgert exchange team has officially announced the listing of Babydoge on its exchange. This move came after the Babydoge garnered 69% of the votes cast during a poll that the team put on its official Twitter handle.

The poll included three other coins Safemoon, Yoosh, and Floki. Safemoon came second, followed by Floki. The emergence of the Babydoge as the winner shows the strength that this coin has built in the market. It might also be an indication of the growing number of Babydoge holding $BRISE or using the Bitgert coin.

Babydoge Listing Impact

The listing of Babydoge on the Bitgert exchange will have a major impact on this exchange as well as the Brise coin. One of the things that will happen is the growing number of account holders on this exchange because of the huge number of wallet holders that Babydoge enjoys.

In fact, Babydoge surpassed Shiba Inu in the number of new wallet holders. With the Bitgert exchange offering Babydoge traders a zero trading fee, thousands of its holders might open accounts with this exchange. If this happens, and it is highly possible, it will be a big gain for the Bitgert project.

Therefore, the Babydoge listing will most likely increase the adoption of the Bitgert coin as more investors move to the exchange for the lowest trading fee. This means Bitgert price will be rallying in the next few weeks as the demand for the coin grows.

More Assets Coming Up On The exchange

There are 30+ assets that the Bitgert team is planning to add to the exchange in the next few weeks. This is an official announcement made in the last few days and has got the crypto community excited. The Babydoge listing is just the assets added on top of Bitcoin, Bitgert, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

The addition of 30+ assets means that the number of transactions on the exchange will be increased, and the number of trades will also skyrocket. The number of traders on the chain will also increase tremendously upon adding these assets.

The bottom line is that more developments are coming up on the Bitgert exchange in the next few weeks. The number of traders and trading on the exchange will keep skyrocketing in the next few weeks. This means the overall demand for the Bitgert coin is going to increase.