BLOCKSMITH&Co. and Thirdverse New Blockchain Game “CAPTAIN TSUBASA -RIVALS-” launches today

TOKYO, Jan. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — BLOCKSMITH&Co.,a subsidiary that controls the Web3 related business of KLab Inc. and Thirdverse group today announced that “Captain Tsubasa – RIVALS-,” a new blockchain game utilizing the IP of the iconic Japanese soccer manga “Captain Tsubasa” has been launched.


▼ How to Start the Game

“CAPTAIN TSUBASA -RIVALS-” is a browser game you can play from your PC or smartphone browser. To start, you will need an invitation code to create an account and at least one player NFT to play the game.

Service URL:

System requirements (recommended)
Smartphone:Devices released in 2019 or later
PC: Latest version of Microsoft Edge/Google Chrome/Safari

Invitation Codes

This game is an invitation-only game. You are able to get your invitation code by either of the following ways:

  • Ask a friend that has already started the game to share their invitation code
  • Go to the dedicated channel for invitation code sharing (#code-share) in the Discord server ( Verification is required to join the server.

NFT Purchases

NFTs are available in the in-game marketplace.

Please also check out our social media channels for various campaigns in the future.

Official Links


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©Thirdverse, Co., Ltd.


Ongoing Campaigns

  • Rival Scout Race
  • Minting Item Giveaway Event
  • #KickoffTsubasaRivals

There are several campaigns ongoing celebrating the launch of “CAPTAIN TSUBASA -RIVALS-“.
Join these event/campaigns to get additional rewards!

1. Rival Scout Race

a.  Period: Jan 12 – Feb 12, 2023
b.  For: All users
c.  Overview: Top 100 users who invited the most friends using invitation codes will be rewarded by $TSUBASAGT, depending on the rank. The total prize pool is 59,600 $TSUBASAGT.

This campaign is separated into three terms and users that ranked top 5 for each team will receive bonus rewards of 300 $TSUBASAGT.

2. Minting Item Giveaway Event

a.  Period: Jan 12 – Jan 26, 2023
b.  For: All users
c.  Overview: “Minting item” – an item  that could be used for NFT mint will appear in all users’ wallets for a limited period. By using this, users will be able to mint NFTs with only 1 NFT whereas usually 2 is needed.
*NFT minting: Creating a new NFT by multiplying two NFTs you have.


a.  Period: January 12 – January 16, 2023
b.  For: All users
c.  Overview: 10 winners for NFTs and 5 winners for 200 $TSUBASAGT will be selected out everyone that tweeted with the #KickoffTsubasaRivals hashtag during the period. Increase your odds by attaching the screenshot of your Player NFT together!

Check out this article for more information about each campaign.

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