Cardano (ADA) lacks buying spree between the 100 and 200 EMA!

Cardano has a unique tokenomics, that includes its native cryptocurrency ADA. ADA serves as the currency token used for transactions and to access the network’s various applications. The terminology STAKE used in the Cardano ecosystem represents the interest earned by holders for participating in the network’s consensus mechanism.

The Cardano blockchain uses a Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm, which allows stakeholders to earn rewards by validating transactions and maintaining network security. The distribution of rewards is dynamic and adjusts based on network demand and staking participation. Additionally, Cardano’s governance model gives holders a voice in protocol upgrades and developments through a voting mechanism.

The vision behind launching Cardano’s ADA token was to create a decentralized, secure, and scalable platform for the development and execution of smart contracts and decentralized applications. The overall vision is to create a more equitable financial system where individuals have control over their assets and financial data. ADA and the Cardano network aim to address the limitations and inefficiencies of existing blockchain and financial systems, promoting financial inclusivity and accessibility.

ADA tokenomics offers a balanced approach to incentivizing network participation and stability while providing utility for its currency token. ADA has marked a significant positive movement in Jan 2023, which indicates a strong beginning for the price trend in 2023. Read our ADA prediction to know how long the bullish trend will continue!

From a technical perspective, ADA has entered into a narrow consolidation zone that needs to be breached to continue its uptrend in the coming days. The strong resistance of $0.440 would gradually be creating more trouble, and this thought has already weakened the price rallies. Candlestick patterns confirm the presence of multiple resistance along the uptrend with the consolidation, 200 EMA, and price action-based rejection of $0.44.

The large red candle created on January 30 acts as a confirmation of the selling intent of the holders. Such previous instances of large red candle formation were dealt with by the formation of a morning star candle which is not the case this time. Hence, enthusiasts looking for entry should wait for a clear pattern before making a fresh entry in Cardano. Even the existing holders should wait for the results of the consolidation zone before making a decision. 

ADA has marked one of the strongest uptrends. The MACD indicator has confirmed the formation of an intense bearish crossover that could damage the uptrend spree we have been witnessing so far. The weekly candlestick pattern shows a breach in an uptrend with the first red candle being formed that will completely engulf the gains made on the previous week.

While both previous weekly candlesticks have a lower wick buying support is confirmed, which completely lacks from the current weekly candle, which is just a day old. Traders should make their moves cautiously, as the first week of February will long be volatile.