Crunchy Launches V1 Of Their Tezos Token Tracker

Crunchy Tezos Token Tracker

Crunchy is a complete DeFi platform where users can farm, start a farm, trade, and lock up tokens for all purposes of DeFi applications that are built on Tezos. 

Crunchy has now launched V1 of their Tezos token tracker.

Users can view prices, market cap, trading volume, and charts to track the Tezos DeFi ecosystem, much like CoinMarketCap in the general cryptocurrency ecosystem

The current version is the basic V1 launch and more features will be added in the near future.

Current prices are in USD value, but a much-requested feature to allow prices to be displayed in XTZ will be added too soon.

Immediately Make The Best Trade

The fact that the Tezos market cap tracker is deployed on the Crunchy platform, offers a very useful feature: the Tezos token tracker is a one-stop shop where you can also trade these tokens.

Crunchy already launched their Crunchy Aggregator a while ago.

This is a DEX aggregator that is specifically designed to tap into the liquidity of several DEXes that are live on Tezos and allows you to make the best trade in the current market.

Additionally, an aggregator can also solve a major issue in low ecosystem liquidity by utilizing a technique called split pool weighting trading.

What this does is utilizes multiple pools across all DEXs to build multiple swaps inside of a single trade. This provides the most optimal swap for users when they trade their tokens.

All users need to do, is click on the token they like, check out the chart and if it looks like a good time to buy, users will click on the Swap icon and they can immediately make a trade on the Crunchy DEX Aggregator. 

Portfolio tracker

Another convenient feature on the Crunchy network is the Crunchy portfolio display, which shows all the user’s tokens, current value, and their staked tokens on different platforms. It also provides liquidity information on several DEXes.