Ethereum Classic, Terra Luna Classic, and Safemoon Holders migrating to Oryen Network after a 200% price increase during Presale

2022 is one year to forget in the decade-long history of crypto. Two major projects have collapsed with investors’ assets worth billions of dollars. The meltdown also rocked other platforms, with some plunging over 60% in weeks. Now, investors are rushing to this year’s best altcoins.

Leading in community growth among these top projects is Oryen. The protocol has recorded a surge in users – mainly investors rushing from loss-ridden platforms like Safemoon, Terra Luna Classic, and Ethereum Classic.

Understanding Oryen Network

Oryen Network is a community-governed and censorship-resistant staking protocol. The project is built on the BSC blockchain, leveraging its decentralization, scalability, and security features. Also, Oryen has a built-in security framework with an anti-whale tax mechanism to prevent a 51% attack. Further, the platform conducts smart contract audits to avoid potential breaches and cyber threats.

Apart from the security, Oryen features high-performance staking tools that generate 90% fixed APY for investors. The protocol disburses the yields hourly, making it the most convenient and reliable staking platform.

In addition, Oryen ensures that the project remains stable and grows organically over time. This stability provides utility for its native token, $ORY, as an exchange and storage currency. Amid the ongoing bearish markets, Oryen’s Risk-Free Value (RFV) and Treasury have kept the token’s value growing. $ORY is up 200% and trading at $0.15 in the ongoing presale. Oryen’s irresistible passive income and token value have many traders ranking it as the best token heading to 2023.

What is Ethereum Classic?

Ethereum Classic (ETC) is a hard fork of Ethereum, designed as a smart-contract protocol that powers DApps. ETC is run as a non-profit project and aims to preserve the original form of the Ethereum blockchain.

As such, ETC will remain a proof-of-work chain. Its native token is $ETC, and the protocol uses Ethereum for transaction fees.

What is Terra Luna Classic?

Luna Classic is the pioneering native token for the Terra blockchain (the predecessor LUNA, which collapsed in May 2022). Luna Classic operates under the original Terra ecosystem code, and its native token, $LUNC, mainly worked to absorb price deviations for the algorithmic stablecoin, $UST.

Unlike $LUNA, $LUNC deploys fiat-pegging for stablecoins to avoid hyperinflationary collapse. Still, $LUNC nosedived from its 2022 high of $115 to $0. This is effectively a total wipeout of assets.

What is Safemoon?

Safemoon is a decentralized protocol that leverages Reflective Finance (RFI) tokenomics and auto-liquidity mechanisms to sustain operations. For each transfer on the chain, fees accrued are distributed to other token holders.

Also, the protocol acquires liquidity pool assets for each trade and burns other tokens from supply. The $SAFEMOON token has fallen 99.8% through 2022, and it’s safe to say that the project may not recover.

Final Takeaway

Many projects with no robust mechanisms have fallen off this year. While it is devastating for investors, this shake-up ensures future projects learn and build value-adding projects. Oryen is leading the way for high-performance protocols.

The project has kept growing despite most projects declining and others literally on their deathbeds. Oryen’s 200% gains are unmatched this year, and the token will exponentially grow when markets turn bullish.

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