ExoWorlds Foundation LTD Raised $1.4 Million in 22 Hours at the Launch of Its Massive Metaverse MMORPG

Singapore, Singapore – (NewMediaWire) – January 10, 2023 – (King NewsWire) – ExoWorlds Foundation LTD successfully launched ExoWorlds, a large metaverse MMORPG, on February 12, 2022, generating $1.4 million in 22 hours of public sale. The sci-fi adventure game has extensive narratives, a wide degree of player agency, and innovative tokenomics.

As part of ExoWorlds, the Galactic Metaverse will give blockchain gaming on VeChainThor a new twist. Every asset the player collects; weapons, ships, relics, and even their performance with each item affects their value. Every headshot, every downed enemy, and every victory is recorded on the chain. ExoWorlds presents these assets through upgradable smart contracts and native tokens, and these tokens can be converted into real money. Players can join the immersive third-person MMORPG through the purchase of ExoWorlds NFTs assets.

This AAA-quality space opera game stands out from the crowd with more than just its narrative, plot, and visuals. The game will bring an Unreal Engine 5 experience to the blockchain giving gamers a new standard for game quality in the blockchain world. While built on VeChain, this cross-chain experience will be available on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Cardano, amongst others that are in the works.

There are P.V.P events, an open world to explore, and a profoundly political system where players’ choices have real consequences. Players may go on interstellar adventures, colonize uninhabited worlds, engage in a multiplayer battle, build supply networks, and negotiate trade agreements with other civilizations.

Renting planets, or gaining “citizenship,” is a noteworthy game mechanic. Users with control over planets may generate a passive income by renting them out to other players for a certain period, granting them access to the planet’s resources and the game world. It will also allow players renting the planet to experience the game entirely for free.

Players can manage their planet’s resources and population, send their characters on daring space expeditions, and complete quests to access new equipment and hidden areas. For peaceful expansion, establishing supply routes, and doing business with alien species, they may also engage in intricate interplanetary politics.

The game’s plot takes place throughout many exotic worlds. It has the player either preventing or aiding a new worldwide calamity via meeting foes, friends, and old technology with forbidden knowledge.

The player has complete freedom to pursue their intergalactic adventure in any way they see fit. The creators are pleased with the game’s depth of play options, saying that few other games provide a variety of ways to enjoy the game, and they hope that players will find the game a worthwhile investment.

The main game currency used in ExoWorlds is the $EXO (ExoDust); this will allow players to purchase digital assets in the game. The $EXO token can also be used for staking $GCRED (Galactic Credits), voting, and unlocking other prime features in the game. This dual tokenomics system with an aggressive burn rate guarantees that players can earn while playing, have their opinions heard on important company decisions, and also separates the in-game economy’s instabilities to their investment as a whole.

ExoWorlds will also conduct a token airdrop for all players who have previously purchased a planet, allowing them to expand their reach across the galaxy and build a more substantial empire. Now is the time to start your adventure on this bold new project!


ExoWords is a Metaverse project that offers a fantastic experience for fans of deep tokenomics, dedicated science fiction gamers, and anyone looking for a fun way to pass the time online. Since the firm’s co-founders, Lucas Saint Laurent and William Campbell, both own a portion of VeChain Stats and VeChain’s 101 authority nodes, the company has an established relationship with VeChain. Notably, ExoWorlds is the largest VeChain-based metaverse game. ExoWorlds Foundation LTD received three accolades, making it the clear winner: Best Defi project, best UE5/VeChain integration, and fourth-best overall crypto project at the 2022 hackathon hosted by the VeChain Foundation.

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