It Took Over 2 Years For Solana To Go Parabolic, Might Make It In 1

Sometimes you have to be patient and bide your time if you want to make big money in crypto. Despite BTC‘s stratospheric rise to glory that captured mainstream attention, it still took a few years for it to start gaining any traction at all. Similarly, Solana took over two years before it experienced its own massive surge period. Especially in today’s volatile and often negative crypto market, big gains might take a while with most new investments.

However, you don’t have to wait that long with every token. That’s why momentum is continuing to grow around Uniglo, which has the potential to surge much quicker than almost any other new crypto in history. It’s already one of the best crypto picks, according to industry experts, and could be gearing up for a bull run that may stun other market onlookers. Here’s why:


Uniglo (GLO)

Uniglo works by charging a small tax on transactions which builds a treasury of funds to purchase other assets. These assets can include other cryptos, NFTs, collectibles, digitized gold, and more. They will provide the strongest possible base price for the GLO token, one that is resistant to negative market swings or pumps and dumps and is prepared for solid and steady growth from the outset. Unlike fiat currencies that are suffering from massive inflation, no new GLO can be printed or minted, making it completely deflationary: at a time when the finance world needs an answer to this pressing issue.

GLO also implements a radical dual-burn mechanism to ensure scarcity increases over time, helping add to the project’s already-incredible deflationary credentials. Now’s the perfect time to buy GLO before it continues to surge up the price charts and go parabolic much quicker than Solana did.


Solana (SOL)

It took a good couple of years for SOL to go parabolic, but when it did: early investors knew they had made the right decision. Solana has struggled recently, but many are expecting another bull-run shortly thanks to its incredibly eco-friendly ethos and fast ecosystem for app development which could become an even more integral part of the crypto world in the near future. But with GLO, you get to be one of those early investors who enjoyed the biggest gains like those who took the plunge into SOL before it went parabolic.



GLO has some of the best new features and fundamentals ever seen entering the crypto space. That’s why experts are hailing it as the must-have token for your portfolio for the next year in crypto, expecting parabolic gains that could emulate Solana’s earlier success.


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