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“The video component really was setting them apart from their competitors. So we took that, and we brought that to the market. We said, ‘Hey listen, you get to see a video. There’s no more curtain between you and the service department; we remove that.’ And obviously, those weren’t the words. But they had a 986% ROI over a three-month period. So far, they’re up $1.6 million in revenue; $1.1 million in operational gross.”— Connie Gundrum, chief client officer for marketing agency DOM360, on “The Walk Around” podcast, Dec. 7

“If you don’t stock tires, you’re not in the tire business, and don’t try to kid yourself that you are. You have to have it in stock. Your margins on tires are not big, and they’re not supposed to be. But if you can get that customer in on a regular basis for tire rotations, you’re getting the tires off the vehicle, and you have an opportunity down the road to look at suspension parts, brakes — all those other items that are available by getting tires off the vehicle.” — AJ Holst, fixed ops trainer and consultant, on the “What the Fixed Ops?!” podcast, Dec. 8

“The subscription model is basically just a half-turn of the screw of the old prepaid maintenance program. The logical reasons are it tethers the customer back to the dealership. Not only on the name brands you sell does it tether the customer back, but even on your off-brands you sell.” — Terry Torline, vice president of sales at EXOGloss, on the Sept. 6 edition of “Fixed Ops Digital Tactical Tips with Brad Paschal”