Polkadot (DOT) vs. The Hideaways (HDWY) vs. Ethereum (ETH)

Following the failure of FTX and BlockFi, the value of well-known currencies like Ethereum (ETH) and Polkadot (DOT) fell. Although both coins got off to a flawless launch, the horizon seems a little gloomy.

While these coins face roadblocks, a novice successfully captures the cryptocurrency community’s interest. We think a more advantageous alternative to these coins would be The Hideaways, a recent newcomer.

Polkadot (DOT) Sees A Bearish Trend

To establish a diverse and decentralized network, the Web3 Foundation in Switzerland developed the open-source blockchain technology known as Polkadot (DOT). Other ecosystems, such as Solana (SOL), which anticipates a 6,700% yearly output rise through the start of 2022, have lagged behind the project’s network expansion.

As the year ends, it is evident that the growth of Polkadot (DOT) was not as anticipated. At this moment, Polkadot (DOT) is currently valued $5.35, which is 90% less than the $55.00 all-time high. And with a 4% drop in the last seven days, this bearish trend surrounding Polkadot (DOT) may continue. This price chart makes investors pick The Hideaways over Polkadot (DOT).

Ethereum (ETH) Investors Become Demoralized

The price of Ethereum (ETH) was supposed to rise after it completed the Merge. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Now, Ethereum (ETH) investors are waiting for the Shanghai upgrade.

As a consequence, currency investors no longer consider Ethereum (ETH) to be a worthwhile investment. Crypto specialists advise Ethereum (ETH) investors to concentrate on The Hideaways because the Merge has not produced the anticipated profits.

The Hideaways (HDWY) Is A Crypto Hit

The demand for The Hideaways is greater than that of Polkadot (DOT) and Ethereum (ETH). Keep on reading to find out why:

  • The Hideaways will launch an NFT underpinned by property that people may rent as staking generates additional income.
  • The small market cap may bring you 30x the profit in 2023.
  • VIP tiers include access to first-class lounges and special NFTs, among other advantages and perks.

The Hideaways will revolutionize the NFT sector by creating fractionalized NFTs backed by actual lavish real estate. And with the 230 trillion dollars real estate industry, we can see why The Hideaways wants to tap into it.

These properties will be hand-picked by property specialists with only profits in mind. A mansion may be used for photo shoots and weddings, bringing you rental income in ETH and USDT.

When it comes to The Hideaways’ security, Solid Proof, a security firm, has confirmed its legitimacy, assuring that the token will emerge on exchanges as expected. Additionally, liquidity will always be frozen, preventing any possible rug pulls or scams.

The Hideaways are currently worth only $0.10, and price hikes are incoming. Crypto experts believe a $4 price point by May 2023 is plausible. Currently, The Hideaways has a $100,000 giveaway, so do not miss out on this excellent investment opportunity and join now!

Website: https://www.thehideaways.io

Pre-Sale: https://ticket.thehideaways.io/register

Telegram: https://t.me/thehideawayscrypto

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hdwycrypto