RiDiDa, a new NFT project by Shagun Singh, makes 100 crores in Valuation

Not long back, non-fungible tokens (a.k.a. NFTs) had taken the world by storm. Initially started as an art/game practice, NFTs have now risen into a new form of entrepreneurship in the virtual world with abundant opportunities and affordances. However, from an entrepreneurial aspect, the role of NFTs can be demonstrated by many but what tricks them is trading. Putting an end to this conundrum, Shagun Singh, an entrepreneur and NFT maestro has been proposing concepts to the people who might need learning in this domain. Shagun believes that “Education and awareness are very integral to this study. It’s not just a digital venture that excites people, in a serious field of Crypto and non-fungible tokens, it is always advised that before investing and trading, people get as much information regarding this topic as possible.”

Shagun Singh and his advanced entrepreneurship


Shagun Singh is one of the leads in evaluating the crypto and Web 3.0 industry. His vision is all about extensive new research and experience. It is not untrue to suggest that seven years of experience in the field can bring highlighted results. Keeping this in mind, the young entrepreneur has also launched two of India’s most successful NFT projects – Ridiculous Dragons and NoMaiMai, which are also a part of a fresh project -RiDiDa. Both these projects by the elite saw a reemerging wave of digitization. He has taken a grand triumph in making people feel secure about NFT and crypto trading.

With a new vision – RiDiDa

Shagun Singh’s new project ‘RiDiDa’ makes 100 crores in valuation, and becomes the next hit of the Web 3.0 billboard. Not only this, his project RiDiDa is an all-new initiative by the entrepreneur, an all-inclusive NFT marketplace that needs no introduction. Apart from providing its users with everything they need, this project is extremely profitable. RiDiDa works on the idea of open protocols that run on standardized emotive new thrifts. Technology is an intensifying part of this project that enables producers/creators to release new digital collectibles, allows customers to freely transact goods, and permits developers to establish a powerful, integrated market area on digital terms. This project has appeared to be a big part of transforming the world amid global virtual awakening.

Technological renaissance with Shagun Singh

“I have years of expertise in various fields, let it be marketing, NFTs, Crypto, real estate, or overall business, what I can say with certainty is – the market that is emerging in the face of technical battles and combat is much greater than anything we have seen yet. I have made a pact to educate and guide as many people as possible in the light to make India one of the greatest economies in the world. This is what motivates me to create more and more projects based on Web 3.0.,” Shagun Singh’s disclosure on the matter.

The trail of work following the knight in the age of virtual dawn – Shagun, doesn’t end here. He also owns many prominent food franchises in Noida (Delhi NCR) like Simple Bazaar, Simple Burger, Biryani Ghar, and Mr. Kiyoshi. The man of the hour is not only multi-talented but insightful at best. His project NoMaiMai has also started a beverage line that is bound to become gain more recognition.

Shagun has spent his years digging up data and carefully lining up relevant information so that he could fulfill his purpose in life. For newcomers in the industry, Shagun Singh has definitely set an example and made their path easy. From discovering the scopes and purposes of Web 3.0 and unleashing the potential of new technologies, he has disrupted entrepreneurship in the physical world, a world operating on Web 2.0. By embracing the traits of adaptability, generativity, moldability, and fluidity, Shagun Singh has presented to the world what advanced entrepreneurship looks like in the new space of Web 3.0.