Safemoon Is 85% Down Since January, While Bitgert Remain Robust – Crypto Experts

Key Highlights:

  • Safemoon has declined 85%, and it might dip even further this month
  • Bitgert to remain robust in the next few months as Safemoon tumbles
  • Bitgert is still working on delivering more disruptive products to its ecosystem

Safemoon joins the list of cryptocurrencies that have dipped so much this year. The Safemoon (SFM) coin has posted an 85% drop since January. This means investors that put their money in Safemoon in January and are still holding today have lost 85% of their investment to Safemoon.

This is a massive drop, and it will take Safemoon SFM quite some time to recover. In fact, Safemoon will need to do a lot to recover from this decline. What’s worrying is that the Safemoon falling price might not be over. The Crypto community says there are chances of the Safemoon price dropping again.

This is after the news of hawkish Fed minutes for July. The interest rates might go up again this month, which will trigger a Safemoon selling pressure. Therefore, Safemoon might decline again if the bears get hold of the crypto market.

Bitgert (BRISE) To Remain Robust

But when Safemoon has been plunging, Bitgert has remained one of the most stable crypto coins. In fact, Bitgert is one of the 2021 coins that hit a new ATH in 2022 when Safemoon was crashing. That’s how impressive Bitgert has been compared to Safemoon. Bitgert has outperformed Safemoon price performance and is expected to keep the same momentum in 2022.

Bitgert’s massive adoption is the biggest reason the Bitgert price has been robust in bear conditions. Immediately after the Bitgert BRC20 blockchain was launched, Bitgert price started skyrocketing. This is because of the massive adoption of the Bitgert blockchain. The Bitgert chain adoption is still one of the biggest reasons why Bitgert price is doing well today.

Crypto analysts believe the upcoming Bitgert developments will make Bitgert outperform Safemoon even in the next few months. The Bitgert roadmap V2 disruptive products plus the disruptive Bitgert Startup Studio projects will keep Bitgert price growing exponentially, faster than Safemoon.


Safemoon price might drop further due to the hawkish Fed, but Bitgert will continue to offer impressive resistance. Therefore, Bitgert might remain stable, while Safemoon might tumble. So, Safemoon is still uncertain. The Safemoon team needs to do more to maintain a robust coin like Bitgert.