Savvy Buyers’ Top Crypto Investment Options— Big Eyes Coin, Avalanche, and Flow

Christmas is upon us yet again, and a record number of investors from the banking and

entertainment sectors are profiting greatly from the holiday’s bullish trend. There are thousands of projects on the crypto market, making it challenging to pick a few that would be worthwhile investments. In this article, we will focus on three cryptocurrencies this Christmas to assist you in making the best investment decision: Avalanche (AVAX), Flow (FLOW), and Big Eyes Coin (BIG).

Avalanche – The Speedy Blockchain Network

Avalanche (AVAX), one of the few blockchain networks in the cryptocurrency industry, is capable of competing with Ethereum, the most widely used smart contract platform in the world, in terms of its performance and speed. As a layer one blockchain, Avalanche serves as a platform for creating and implementing unique blockchain networks and decentralized applications (dApps). One of its most outstanding features is its capacity to manage up to 6,500 transactions per second (tps) while preserving scalability.

The Avalanche platform’s cryptocurrency, AVAX, serves as the foundation for all transactions. User participation, payment costs, network management, and other crypto activities are all made possible by AVAX, which also offers network incentives. AVAX, one of the top twenty cryptocurrencies by market cap, is tradeable on a variety of exchanges, such as Binance and Coinbase.

Flow – The Scalable Catalyst For Web 3

The Flow (FLOW) cryptocurrency is intended to serve as the foundation for essential decentralized tools and applications for network members. The platform’s developer and user-friendly features encourage the quick integration of software into the source code and accessibility to the resulting application. Flow is distinctive because it is a layer-one blockchain model and it aims to service billions of users concurrently.

The network continually shards to achieve this. Sharding is the fragmentation of a blockchain so that each segment can accommodate the maximum number of users at once. The network operating through shards may be more susceptible to attacks than when it operates as a whole, which is the most significant drawback. The proof of stake protocol used by Flow uses a special proof of confidential knowledge that users must present to receive rewards. The FLOW token contributes to platform staking, which is how the validators profit from their coin.

Big Eyes Coin – The Newly Successful Cat Currency

Many cryptocurrency fans have taken notice of Big Eyes Coin (BIG), which has experienced significant excitement in the market. The new meme coin generated a lot of interest in the market and has a good chance of becoming one of the most popular new initiatives this year and in the next year. As the presale period for Big Eyes Coin draws to a close, it has reached the $11 million milestone. The mainstream coin market will soon introduce the cat-themed coin, which might be valuable to have in your portfolio.

It wants to be a successful cryptocurrency project that users in finance and other areas can use. Through charitable giving, Big Eyes Coin will aid the DeFi ecosystem and the global ecology. The treasury management of the cryptocurrency project will include an allocation for burning and liquidity acquisition, preserving the token’s value.

The benefits and features of Big Eyes Coins will raise the likelihood of market success. The cat-themed token will compete with other popular meme coins to emerge as one of the most well-known. The project is built on Ethereum, and it has what it takes to succeed. Big Eyes Coin will offer smooth crypto trading through a swap. The platform’s native token, BIG, will speed up and reduce the cost of transactions on the Big Eyes Coin Swap. The BIG token will also support various ecosystem functions, such as trading and rewards. Big Eyes Coin was billed to have a 200 billion total supply, with 80% available to users on presale.


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