Simplified Staking of Oryen Network so popular in Safemoon and Cosmos communities that its price surged by 200% during ICO

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Oryen Network’s simplified staking process has made it hugely popular with communities involved in Safemoon and Cosmos, resulting in its price surging by 200%. Currently, the project is hosting an ICO sale, and the project’s team is excited to show off its simple-to-use OAT system that generates rewards directly through users’ wallets.

Staking on Oryen Network

Oryen’s contribution to DeFi is a novel method of staking that is both efficient and user-friendly. They present Oryen AutoStaking Technic, often known as OAT, which functions through security-audited smart contracts and provides hourly rebasing payouts. 

Token holders on the Oryen Network may participate in automated staking to earn incentives (additional $ORY tokens) simply by maintaining their tokens in a wallet. Therefore, you contribute liquidity to the network and receive rewards in return. 

One of the key differences between the OAT system and traditional staking is that no action is required to obtain rewards. Furthermore, while some top crypto exchanges, like Coinbase, will pay you 1 to 2% APY for staking DAI or Tezos, Oryen’s APY rate is 90%, fixed. 

Taxes are the lifeblood of Oryen’s high rewards system. These taxes promote holding inside the protocol to generate yield rather than exchanging the token for value. 

The Oryen tax system was created to address two of the most prevalent issues with token launches: whale wallets selling off their holdings, causing a steep price drop, and bot accounts, which prohibit actual users from acquiring tokens. 

Thus, the group decides to impose a higher sale tax of 12% and a lower buy tax of 8%. These transaction fees fund liquidity pools, the treasury, and the Risk-Free Value wallet, a specific liquidity pool backing solution.

Oryen ICO

Oryen opened its ICO at the end of September, and early backers already count up to 200% returns. The price surged from $0.05 to $0.15, and according to the Oryen presale schedule, a new price will be set every week. 

This dynamic presale strategy motivates buyers to purchase ORY at the lowest possible price with complete confidence that the token’s value will rise.

Phase 5 (23.11-02.12): Price – $0.15, Bonus – 7%

Phase 6 (02.12-09.12): Price – $0.175, Bonus – 5%

Phase 7 (09.12-16.12): Price – $0.21, Bonus – 5%

Phase 8 (16.12-23.12): Price – $0.25, Bonus – 5%

Phase 9 (23.12-27.12): Price – $0.3, Bonus 0% 

Launch (30.12): $0.35

Safemoon and Cosmos overview

Safemoon is an open-source network that employs a novel encryption method to keep user information and financial dealings safe. In addition to being more long-lasting and eco-friendly than competing cryptocurrencies, it is also intended to use less energy. 

Notably, one of the largest whales on Safemoon, Jim Crypto, was among the first to see Oryen’s potential. His statements profoundly impacted the Safemoon community, accelerating their migration to the Oryen Network. 

Cosmos (ATOM), sometimes called the “internet of blockchains,” is an initiative to build a distributed ledger system (DLT) capable of facilitating decentralized, immutable data sharing and streamlined financial transactions across blockchains. 

The Cosmos Hub acts as a central hub, linking channels together and providing them with a suitable meeting place for mutual benefit. The ATOM token is used for voting purposes. Furthermore, you may get a 20% APY by staking your ATOM tokens. However, unlike Oryen, Cosmos uses the traditional staking method and token lock-up periods that might be uncomfortable for newcomers.

The bottom line

The success of Oryen Network’s ICO shows a real need for a simplified staking solution and that the team is well-positioned to provide it.

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