2022 Year-End Summary

Singapore, December 23, 2022-, the first liquidity-staking protocol on KCC, published their year-end summary for 2022 and announced their goals for 2023. is still young. In the past four months, we have obtained investment from KuCoin Ventures, completed the product launch, and jointly held a staking competition with KuCoin. Our staking volume is also constantly breaking new highs, and the cumulative staking has reached 375,032 KCS. We have also reached a strategic partnership with 6 outstanding projects on KCC, such as MojitoSwap, Torches, etc.

Duke Smith, the CEO of, stated: “Liquidity is critical for crypto assets. We are working hard to build the KCC ecosystem and facilitate the free flow of asset values.”

Since the launch, we have been moving towards this goal, so let’s quickly review these highlight moments in the form of snapshots!

On July 22, 2022, we posted our first tweet saying hello to the world. Even though the team has tested countless times before going live, we are still looking forward to meeting you with nervousness. If you want to know more about our project, you can check out the paper written by our engineers: How Works: A Developer’s Perspective

July 26, 2022, sKCS participated in the Twitter Space-BUILD In Bear Market held by KuCoin Community Chain (KCC) for the first time as a project party. For this reason, really established a connection with the contributors on the KCC chain. Your enthusiasm gives us great courage to move forward.

August 4, 2022, after an exciting 3-day countdown, we will meet you with two carefully prepared videos. The video seems to have given you the answer you were expecting. It was also on that day that we officially announced the news of being invested by KuCoin Ventures, which is our strong backing and another surprise we prepared for our community members.

Justin Chou, the Chief Investment Officer of KuCoin, said: “As an important infrastructure for KuCoin to explore the Web-3 environment, we are accelerating the development of the KCC ecosystem. As the first liquidity staking protocol in the KCC ecosystem, creates new use cases for KCS and plays an important role in the KCC ecosystem. We look forward to working with to facilitate the development of the KCC ecosystem.”

August 31, 2022 – September 8, 2022, we jointly launched the first staking competition with KuCoin officials. It was this competition that allowed us to reach the goal of 200,000 $KCS staked and gain more and more community supporters. Of course, we still believe that this is just the beginning.

October –  December 2022, we held multiple staking competitions with the KuCoin Japanese and Indian communities. This series of events allowed us to get support from more regions and quickly establish popularity. It was also during that period that we established relationships with many partners. The expansion during this time has made our slogan even louder. sKCS, Make KCS More Valuable!

These achievements are the result of the joint efforts of our team. Not surprisingly, we have also experienced market shocks after reaching new milestones. It is this change that makes us learn to slow down and polish our products more carefully. It was also because of this turmoil that many of our original plans had to be put on hold. After a long discussion with the team, the listing on CEX and Genesis NFT that we originally planned to complete in Q4 will be postponed, The suspension does not mean stagnation, but in the Replenish your energy and wait for a chance to take off.

“We are committed to providing a stable and fully secure product that has a low entry barrier and is friendly to users,” says Duke, CEO of sKCS.

In 2023, we still have lofty goals, and this goal is not limited to the development and construction of the KCC ecosystem, we want to use KCS staking as a starting point for leading users into the world of Web3.0.

It is only a matter of time before even more people understand the superior anti-inflation properties of cryptocurrencies. We are always thinking of ways to allow new users in the cryptocurrency space to understand the beauty of the DeFi world.

sKCS is well-poised for fulfilling this goal and will serve as a means of leading users into the world of DeFi. sKCS has a simple interface UI, strong security, as well as clear and simple usage procedures. Through sKCS, users will fully experience the simplicity of DeFi.

Merry Christmas! We look forward to growing this project with you all in 2023.

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