SmarterWorx Makes Buyers Bullish On Blockchain Investing, May Pull Cardano And Avalanche Holders In

The crypto bandwagon has lately flooded news headlines. Bad news, such as the collapse of crypto institutions such as Voyager Digital, Celsius, FTX, and 3AC, has generated a wave of fear sending cryptocurrency prices plummeting to all-time lows.

The recent saga on FTX and its affiliate Alameda Research Group sent crypto prices plummeting to rock bottom as Bitcoin trades below the $20k support that had been holding for months. Despite the rundown, experts still predict that the crypto market has great potential when the bull market resumes. One particular project, SmarterWorx, stands out against Cardano and Avalanche.

Cardano and Avalanche

Cardano and Avalanche are innovative contracting platforms designed to take over the reign of Ethereum. Cardano was founded in 2015 by an Ethereum Co-founder, Charles Hoskinson. The project debuted in 2017 and became the largest ecosystem to utilize the Proof of Stake Consensus mechanism. Its tokenomics were strong enough to attract retail and institutional investors’ investments.

On the other hand, Avalanche began its development in 2018, intending to cure all Ethereum faults that limited its growth. The ecosystems’ native token, AVAX, gained a lot of traction following its roadmap to offer a faster, cheaper, and more scalable platform compared to its main competitor Ethereum.

SmarterWorx will attract ADA and AVAX holders

An investment opportunity is only lucrative when spotted earlier. ADA and AVAX may be good investment opportunities in the long run. However, SmarterWorx is a better investment compared to the two. Here is why.

SmarterWorx is a new DeFi protocol designed to pull together NFT, art lovers, and crypto enthusiasts. The project is currently on presale though its white paper displays the massive potential to attract both ADA and AVAX holders. SmarterWorx tokenomics focus on expensive art. With its native token ARTX, the platform will open up the world of expensive art to retail and middle-size investors. Expansive and valuable art is an asset class only available to wealthy individuals. Solving this puzzle will propel the platform toward massive success once the platform goes live on the mainnet.

How will SmaterWorx work

SmarterWorx has issued ARTX tokens that are currently selling for a discounted price. Once users purchase the tokens, the funds raised will be directed to a treasury that is allocated to buying quality art to add to the ecosystem’s art portfolio. Moreover, the physical art acquired will be tokenized on the blockchain network to derive an entire sleek state of art acquisition. The NFTs will be extremely rare as they will be pegged to the value of the art.

Once the value of the art has appreciated, the community will vote to sell the token through the SmarterWorx DAO, and half of the profit plus the principal re-invested in the treasure fund. The ecosystem will use the remaining half to buy and burn ARTX assuring investors that ARTX’s price will increase in the long run. Buy ARTX at discounted rates today and get started.


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