The Noku blockchain project interview

As previously announced, The Cryptonomist and The Nemesis have consolidated their partnership with the launch of the first talk show in the metaverse

Now in its tenth episode, today’s interview is with Roberto Gorini, CEO of the blockchain project Noku.

The Nemesis & The Cryptonomist: new metaverse and NFT-themed interviews

The Nemesis has already partnered with The Cryptonomist for several events and interviews held in virtual mode, and will now host this innovative initiative in its metaverse.

The Talk show will cover a variety of topics ranging from crypto to digital art to the world of NFTs. Each week there will be guests in the virtual living room ready to discuss the latest news in this field. 

With the realization of this innovative project, The Cryptonomist and The Nemesis lay the foundations of what can be the future of communication and edutainment confirming once again that they are forerunners in the field. 

Interview with Roberto Gorini of Noku

Noku is an Ethereum Virtual Machine that aims above all to be fast and cheap in order to be ideal for building video games on it.

For this reason, several Play-to-Earn games have been created on Noku such as Crypto Heroes, World Super League, and also the NFT project Cryppo.

In 2023, World Super League, the newest of Noku’s projects, will launch new packs of a total of 50 cards featuring players from major national soccer teams.

Starting in January until June, there will be five new tournaments in which to win a total of $40,000.

Watch the video interview with Roberto Gorini here to learn more: