Top 5 Litecoin Casinos – Best LTC Gambling Games

Litecoin is one of the most used cryptocurrencies out there. Due to the fact that transactions on the network are both fast and cheap, a lot of gamblers prefer to use LTC over other coins when playing games in a crypto casino.

Here are the top 5 casinos that accept Litecoin:

  1. Stake Casino (Best Overall)
  2. BitStarz (Best Bonuses)
  3. BC.Game (Most Supported Coins)
  4. FortuneJack (Best Provably Fair)
  5. Betplay (Best For Poker)

Read on to learn more about these LTC betting sites.

Stake Casino

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We begin our list with Stake, one of the best sportsbooks out of any casino (crypto or otherwise). Stake quickly gained traction in the world of crypto gambling by partnering itself with noteworthy organizations.

The casino is partnered with numerous individual UFC athletes, and is a betting partner for the organization itself. It also has partnerships with numerous footballing stars and both the Everton and the Watford football clubs.

However, just remember that Stake is no slouch when it comes to its casino either. There are over 1000 games in the casino. While this number is noticeably lower than the competition, it doesn’t really matter as there are more than enough variations for every game.

Stake accepts LTC, other cryptocurrencies, and fiat payment methods. The fiat payment methods can be used to purchase crypto, which can then be used to place bets on the platform.


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We continue our list of the top 5 Litecoin casinos with BitStarz. BitStarz is the ideal casino for players that are not interested in a sportsbook, because it does not have one.

However, it does have a large selection of games, including a huge number of live dealer games. In total, there are over 2000 games on the platform, which is more than enough for even the most hardcore of gamblers.

BitStarz also does a very good job of rewarding the players who continue to play there. Apart from a very sizable welcome bonus, players can also take part in promotions that run throughout the year. These promotions can be used to earn a lot of free Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Lastly, players can make use of the affiliate program to invite their friends and family to BitStarz. Players earn stars for doing this, and can use those stars to get further rewards.


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BC.Game is the next crypto casino we are discussing. If there is one word we can use to describe the platform, it would be scale.

BC.Game has both a sportsbook and a casino. In total, there are over 8000 games available here. Obviously, no one is going to need that many games. However, it is nice to see that there are countless options that are available to players.


When it comes to the sportsbook, almost anything that can be imagined is available on BC.Game as well. It is perhaps the best LTC gambling platform for players that want to bet across a wide variety of games and sports.


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For players who are a bit apprehensive about the fairness of online gaming, FortuneJack is by far the best option.

This is because this casino does everything it can to prove it is fair. There is a dedicated tab where the fairness of any game on the website can be checked. While all crypto casinos have such systems in place, FortuneJack advertises it quite boldly.

Since its live casino is quite popular, FortuneJack places it front and center on the website. Apart from that, players can also bet on over 2700 games and 24 different sports.

The casino also has continuous promotions that can be used to earn free crypto. Some of them require players to gamble on the platform, while others involve tournaments of some kind. The promotions are available for both the casino and the sportsbook.


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Betplay is the last LTC casino that we are taking a look at. Betplay is for the more serious gambler, as the site is mainly for skill-based games as opposed to slots and other games where only luck matters.

The live casino is where most of the players on Betplay spend their time. The casino is most famous for its poker, although its Blackjack variations also enjoy a significant playerbase.

For players that also want to place bets using BTC, Betplay makes use of the Lightning network. This allows for extremely fast transfer of BTC, allowing players to both deposit and withdraw almost instantly.

Litecoin Casinos FAQ

Litecoin casinos have been around for some time now. Still, there may be players that have questions about the legitimacy of some of these platforms. Here are a handful of some of the most commonly asked questions about Litecoin casinos.

Are Litecoin Casinos Legitimate?

Yes, almost all Litecoin casinos are legitimate. While there are casinos out there that cannot be trusted and have engaged in shady practices, all of the well-known casinos that accept Litecoin are completely legitimate.

An easy way for players to make sure that they end up in a legitimate LTC casino is to play on any one of the casinos on this list. All of them have been tested and are legitimate.

Is it Legal to Bet Using Cryptocurrency?

This is a slightly complicated question to answer. On one hand, all of the major Litecoin casinos are operating legally. They have valid gambling licenses which can be viewed on their website.

On the other hand, the player themselves may not be in a jurisdiction where gambling with cryptocurrency is legal. In many places, there are no laws regarding cryptocurrency-based casinos, putting their legality in a gray area.

If online casinos are legal where the player resides and there are no restrictions on cryptocurrency transactions, it is safe to assume that crypto betting sites are legal there.

Is LTC the Best Coin for Gambling?

There is no real answer to this question. Litecoin has numerous benefits over certain other cryptocurrencies. However, it also has its disadvantages.

Simply put, players should bet using whatever coin they feel most comfortable with. The only major difference when it comes to casinos is the amount of time it takes to deposit and withdraw certain currencies. In that regard, Litecoin fares better than many of the other major cryptocurrencies.