UK PCA, LIVE COMPANY GROUP, Entering the NFT business of artworks using blockchain with Startart

Entering the digital art blockchain business using cryptocurrency and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT)
Provides a blockchain Digital certificate issuance service to prove ownership of artworks

SEOUL, South Korea, Jan. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — PCA and listed company Live Company Group entered the digital art blockchain business using cryptocurrency and NFT as the holding company of Start Art Fair and Global Eye, which governs the prestigious global art fair.

Starting with a project to introduce new artists named Korean Eye in 2008, PCA has been conducting a Global Eye program to promote artists from various Asian countries to the world market, and it has established itself as the most notable satellite art fair during Frieze Art Fair week.

Live Company Group is a global powerhouse leading pop culture content, among which is an online art trading site that enables global sales of artists’ works around the world.

Through, which allows blockchain transactions with the online platform, we have prepared to sell and appreciate works displayed at the art fair, and will make NFTs of unique and promising artists selected by Startart. In addition, we are preparing a blockchain digital certificate issuance service so that the ownership of the artwork can be proved. Through this, the buyer can permanently record the ownership of the purchased work and further increase the ownership value of the work by eliminating the risk of forgery that may occur in the art transaction.

“By applying blockchain technology to the curating know-how that has grown the StART Art Fair into a global art fair over the past decade, we want to grow into a service that can lead the cultural content service market as a whole”, David Ciclitira, Live Company Group

Live Company Group plans to unveil an online platform in December, which shares, appreciates, and trades digital artworks created by various artists through Start Art.

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