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As the new year sleepily begins, many crypto enthusiasts and investors are looking for astute crypto projects to invest in. 2023 is wide open when it comes to the crypto landscape – many expect the bear market to continue, whilst some, more enthusiastic investors, are hoping for a bull run. Irrespective of what is to come, now is the time to invest in several promising projects, three of which this article will explore.


Read on to learn more about the everlasting importance of Ethereum ($ETH), the growing applications of Chainlink ($LINK), and the genre-defying meme coin, Big Eyes Coin ($BIG).


Ethereum: The Building Block Of The Crypto Landscape As We Know It

Ethereum, and its token $ETH, is the second highest cryptocurrency, only second to Bitcoin ($BTC). Unlike the original cryptocurrency, Ethereum is considered more powerful, quicker, and more agile in its use cases. For example, Ethereum can produce smart contracts far faster than Bitcoin. It is also used by hundreds of thousands of developers as the building blocks for things like decentralized applications (dApps), and has its Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) that can run smart contracts, represent financial agreements, and could host decentralized legitimate gambling platforms. Its entry price, whilst bearish at the time of writing, is still high, and with its high valuation, could be difficult for late investors to fully invest in the project.


Chainlink: A Smart Oracle Network That Connects Data

Chainlink, under the ticker $LINK, is a major blockchain project that is widely used by NFT projects and decentralized finance (DeFi) developers. It helps provide links between off-chain data to on-chain data like those within the DeFi field. One of the most impressive elements of Chainlink’s project is the speed and depth of its development – it is continually adding new solutions to its blockchain, such as proof of reserves, cross-chain communication tools, and Keepers, which is an automation platform for smart contracts.


As Chainlink continues to grow and provide an array of utilities, it will continue to attract investors and plenty of use, meaning that come the next bull run, it will be in a great position to grow exponentially.


A Meme Coin With Plenty Of Utility: Big Eyes Coin

Big Eyes Coin, under the ticker $BIG, is a new meme coin project that is looking to redefine what meme coins are, and what they can do. Having raised well over $12.5 million in its presale stages (at the time of writing) in a bear market, this underlines the strength and belief Big Eyes Coin has in its project.


It is looking to provide not only meme-like cuteness and fun to the crypto landscape but also to provide serious utility. It intends to bring its evergrowing community and user base to the DeFi landscape, hoping to make DeFi grow and become more lucrative for everyone. It also intends to launch its own NFT platform, named the Sushi Crew, in which users will be able to buy, trade, and sell their own Big Eyes NFTs, gaining a host of extra content.


The Big Eyes team also has some strong charitable aims, with a dedicated charity wallet in which 5% of all BIG tokens will be stored and donated to several charities, including charities that aim to conserve and protect our planet’s oceans. Big Eyes Coin, when it launches in the next year/bull run, will undoubtedly soar, as many meme coins do during a bull run. To enter its presale, click the button below, and use code BIGsave629 when purchasing $BIG for even more savings and extra content!


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