Why is the Big Eyes Coin Selling Out Fast? Can It Deliver Better Returns Than Polkadot and Quant?

The cryptocurrency market has been flooded with many new tokens. Some of those tokens may replace today’s popular digital assets one day.

The latest cryptocurrency news indicates that the Big Eyes Coin (BIG) may become the most popular meme token. Polkadot (DOT) and Quant (QNT) may also make the competition tougher for other well-established cryptos. Continue reading to find tokens that may help you to book huge profits in 2023.

Big Eyes Coin: Reviving Decentralized Finance by Educating Newcomers

The Big Eyes Coin is among the most popular newly launched meme tokens. It has raised over $11 million during presale rounds, and more users have lined up to buy more tokens. Its ability to shift more wealth into the decentralized finance ecosystem makes it a beneficial asset for the entire crypto industry. Therefore, thousands of people are currently busy accumulating this token.

The Big Eyes Coin platform aims to make the DeFi ecosystem as popular as centralized finance. New users will get comprehensive tutorials on this platform to understand DeFi. Users may bring more money on decentralized finance platforms once they learn how to use them.

Emerging As The Cutest Meme Token

The meme coin space features tokens with many cute-looking dog mascots. Cats are rare creatures in this space, and Big Eyes Coin will be the first popular cat-themed token. It aims to win the popularity contest in the meme token space.

Big Eyes Coin is going to spend up to 5% of tokens on marketing. It will use influencers, media, and social networking channels to find more potential investors.

Fully decentralized community tokens always benefit crypto enthusiasts in the long term. The Big Eyes Coin is the latest community token with impressive utility features. Therefore, it may deliver much better returns than other meme tokens.

Using NFTs To Grow Faster

The Big Eyes Coin platform will use NFTs to attract more investors, promote skilled artists, and benefit community members. Users will need Big Eyes Coin NFTs to participate in NFT events organized on the platform. The initial NFT collection will feature art inspired by oceans and aquatic environments.

Big Eyes Coin is also establishing a charity wallet and will donate 5% of tokens to build and protect oceanic sanctuaries. It will promote NFTs proving the importance of protecting oceans. Profit generated through NFT events will go to burn or not burn votes. Thus, it will control inflation and benefit community members.

How To Buy The Big Eyes Coin?

Please follow the steps explained below to buy the BIG Token easily.

Step 1: Get a MetaMask crypto wallet or the Trust Wallet.

Step 2: Load your crypto wallet with Ethereum, BNB, or USDT coins.

Step 3: Visit the official Big Eyes website and click the “Buy Now” option.

Step 4: Connect your crypto wallet and swap the number of ETH/BNB/USDT tokens you wish to trade.

You have to wait for the conclusion of the presale round to claim your BIG Tokens.

Polkadot: Building A Truly Interoperable And Decentralized Web

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Avalanche are non-compatible blockchain networks that do not communicate with each other. Poor scalability and lack of interoperability could lead to major issues in the future. Therefore, the Polkadot Protocol is on a mission to incorporate true interoperability. It facilitates cross-chain data transfer, and it is uniting several blockchain networks.

Polkadot is offering better scalability and security by uniting the most popular blockchains. The DOT Token acts as a governance token required to propose and approve important changes.

DOT can also be used to secure the network and gain staking rewards. As per reports, Polkadot will not take scams lightly. It has rolled out a new initiative to educate community members and encourage them to fight scammers.

Quant: Offering Cutting-Edge Solutions To Link Distributed Ledgers And Solve Pressing Issues In Finance

Quant describes itself as a platform that delivers interoperable ecosystems. It is solving real-world issues reducing risks, generating new business opportunities, and reducing costs. This decentralized platform is currently serving financial institutions, asset managers, banks, fintech developers, and business enterprises to build an interconnected world. The QNT Token powers the Quant ecosystem. Developers need the native crypto asset to craft dApps that work on all blockchain networks.

As per reports, Quant is collaborating with UST Global to develop innovative solutions for capital markets, banks, and other participants. UST Global is a well-known digital transformation solution provider, and this collaboration will help Quant find more reputed clients.

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Learn more about the Big Eyes Coin:

Presale: https://buy.bigeyes.space/

Website: https://bigeyes.space/

Telegram: https://t.me/BIGEYESOFFICIAL


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